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They have a bill that is short and pointed at the end with a triangle design. Snow geese are known for their white plumage, but many of them are actually darker, gray-brown birds known as blue geese. : "http://www. Juveniles of white morph have mottled gray head and neck, ashy-brown back and scapulars with white edging; bill and legs are dusky. Incubation is by female only, 22-23 days, up to 25. var sc_project=965006; document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "google-analytics.com/ga.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); During feeding, they mix with other types of geese. This can result in them as well as their mate making very long journeys annually to get there and back. White morph is all white with black wing tips. A Goose overview Geese are a ... that’s why sexing is based primarily on physical characteristics and behavior. Mating and Reproduction. Post winter, snow geese return to the north and adult ones look for mates. According to the IUCN Red List the total Snow goose population size is around 5,300,000-6,200,000 individuals. They often travel in large groups of up to ten thousand members. Incubation ranges from 23 to 25 days and is carried out by the female. var sc_invisible=0; The males will approach potential females and offer various dances and sounds to her. Description and general behavior. scJsHost+ The Snow Goose is a large species. Ross's Goose is smaller with stubbier, entirely pink bill; juvenile is paler than juvenile Snow Goose.. Except when nesting, usually feeds in flocks, sometimes mixed with other kinds of geese. Their diet is mostly made up of plant materials. The neck is long and the head is very small. Bill is pink with black lower mandible. The Canada goose (Branta canadensis) is one of the largest members of the Anatidae (waterfowl) family. General Description: The greater snow goose is a barely larger edition of the white-part lesser snow goose. Flight muscles are located between the belly and the breast. Geese usually spend most of the day foraging for food, which is primarily obtained by grazing. After mating the pair will create a nest and there will be from 3 to 5 eggs placed into it. No shade dimorphism has been found in this race. var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? As you can guess from their name they are covered in lovely white feathers. : "http://www. The body of the Snow Goose is round and their feathers are very well defined. Snow Goose: Breeds in the Arctic regions of North America and eastern Siberia. The European population is estimated at 1,000-2,000 pairs, which is around 2,000-4,000 mature individuals. var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? Feeding Behavior. Snow Goose Food. While migrating to the south for the winter season, the entire flock makes a shape of v in the sky. Snow Goose: Domesticated barnyard goose lacks black primaries and usually has orange bill. They will engage in dancing rituals where they look like they are mirroring each others movements. They have the capacity to sleep while swimming. The ventral part of the bird, or the area between the flanks on each side and the crissum and breast. Very localized, but abundant where they occur, Snow Geese typically are seen in large numbers or not at all. ERRORS in the site, please contact us. "); Partners mate for life and nest in colonies. "statcounter.com/counter/counter_xhtml.js'>"); Legs and feet are pink. document.write("