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But the owner of the property had ample space to move his garage. It’s important to remember that when one points a finger, there are three point back at them. Since they were so “unhelpful” and “rude”, maybe they shouldn’t be in business :), have a good one! After a feeling of utter dread and panic, I frantically searched around thinking that perhaps I was mistaken about where I had parked; but after a couple of rounds of searching the parking lot I knew that my car was gone. SO ALWAYS LIE LIKE THEY DO AND SAY YOU SAW THEM KICK YOUR DOOR OR WHATEVER THEY DID! Finally call the apartment managers to log a complaint and ask them why your car was towed. Can they waive the tow fee of $122.50 since I am picking it up within 24 hours. The car wouldn’t start and kept cutting off for four days I jumped at least twice a day. Can I complain or sue them for that it’s not fair! Anyone know what I can do? VC s 22658 forbids tow truck drivers from having absolute discretion to tow, except in an emergency, handicap parking or fire lane. Many other states  have also passed similar laws to prevent abuses by towing operators during towing from private property. I had to pay $250. ( CA law applies ). I come home after work and park my vehicle about 3 pm. Per policy from my apartment complex: I was suppose to be given a 24/48 hour notice/ sticker places on my vehicle in which the tow company failed to do. But yet this apartment manager has hired a company to cruise our parking lots looking for any dumb reason to have a car towed. They said it’s in the wrong side and still won’t let me take it out unless I pay. Make sure that there is no signage at the entry to the parking lot or in nearby spots that indicates you could be illegally parked. Now he cannot afford to pay for his car. The lookup address is a repair shop. Now wh at can I do we had to do the same thing and catch 3 buses again and we got home yesterday it was so dark out side and no money to go get the van today Oct. 18, 2017 to go get our van out of tow. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for micro real-time updates. You could see my car was covered in dust and there was a fresh foot print smudged clean right were the looser kicked my Mustang GT. She talked to the landlord so they would have told her if she was wrong. The $150 is not the issue, it is the principle. Needless to say his car went for a little ride. Parked in a clearly marked parking spot with no signs anywhere. Property manager aware of fact I was only resident that left town, but failed to notify me of parking lot work. Predatory towing  is real: Once a towing company has a vehicle, they impound the vehicle and refuse to release it until a desired fee is paid. I want them to go out of business because it shouldn’t be okay for them to get away with predatory towing!!!! They have horrible and very rude coworkers!!!! However they still took it and when I called them they said I had to pay 400$ after they literally checked and saw for them selves I had the permit. But I think I was discriminated probably my skin color , indian acccent. So does that mean that anytime after these four days , like six or ten months later , my car can be towed for that sticker ? Required fields are marked *. He told me they get it signed the next day in the morning so how is it that he doesn’t have any forms? Chick which shares the parking lot with them I came back my car was being towed as well my nighbors saw me running aftet the toe guy he refused to stopped as well he damaged my driver side lock as well they stole my brand new car battery. I bought a new car. They said it is towed because it did not have title. I have a mirror hang tag. I had to pay $160 for each one. No one will help you. In case you do not find your vehicle that you parked on the side of the road to briefly visit the market or sip a cup of coffee with a friend at a nearby hotel, it is quite possible that the police might have towed it away for illegal parking. The cop said he thought it was a wreck, but someone pointed out then that the right thing to do is get the VIN number and contact the owner to see if everything was ok. I called them closer to 10pm and they didn’t answered the phone. I plan on doing that. So we did. Just got taken by a towing company. Good luck. But still this they took my car and removed my sticker from my car. I was so mad My husband and our handicapped son was waiting on me to come back with the car. My car was bou to get towed last night because my dealer ship plate expired 3 days before and I told them I am the owner of th car you cant take it since I didnt get a proper notification and they said they dont have to when is a dealer plate only with the hard plate, and that they couldn’t release it because it was impounded and I had to pay $120 in order for.them not to towed it. Hopefully you have a record of when and who you talked to on the police line. Also, typical of most towing companies who rarely need to worry about customer service or satisfaction, they were rude and offered little in terms of recourse to resolve my situation. I still haven’t gotten anything sent to my email. File in small claims if they are wrong prove it and ask for four times what you paid out u0 to what your small claim court allows up to. When i was repairing my car they towed my other car from my rented space without letting me to know. I was using my wife’s car mostly so I didn’t think to see if my car was still where I parked it several days before. i could of sworn the girl i saw getting out of her tow truck waved me in. if anyone can help please call me immediately. I had to pay 400$ to get my car back. Last week my car was towed away for parking in a private parking lot. I call BS providing that my car alarm was sounding when my nighbors and every9ne tried to stop him but yhe tow yard refused to provide me prove of not stelling my car battery. WE NEED laws to protect ALL PEOPLE NOT JUST THE RICH.

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