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Northbound at the Exit 83 ramp departure to Cheyenne Avenue. This set of overheads was in place in 2004 but was gone after the reconstruction project was complete. One half mile south of the Exit 85 diamond interchange with Craig Road (Nevada 573). U.S. 95 northbound passes underneath Lake Mead Boulevard ahead of the Exit 82B ramp departure. Drivers can turn left from that ramp onto Rainbow Boulevard northbound ahead of the Smoke Ranch Road. Because of this, it still travels from border to border and is a primary north–south highway in both Nevada and Idaho. Lake Mead Boulevard intersects Buffalo Drive in 1.1 miles and Rampart Boulevard at Summerlin in 2.4 miles. The exit to the business route from the collector-distributor lanes is also visible from the main lanes. Photo taken 03/29/08. U.S. 95 passes the under Valley View Boulevard overpass. As a result, the Nissan went into the unpaved shoulder and overturned. This isn’t a friendly highway. Rainbow Boulevard represents another in a series of north-south arterials, traveling south from Washington Avenue to Hacienda Avenue. Photo taken 01/21/02. Next in line for northbound travelers is the Exit 83 diamond interchange with Cheyenne Avenue. Unlike many other US highways, it has not seen deletion or replacement on most of its length by an encroaching Interstate highway corridor, due to its mostly rural and mountainous course. Nevada Highway Patrol makes the 95 their version of an adult field day. Photo taken 03/29/08. Photo taken 03/29/08. Immediately after passing under Valley View Boulevard, a slip ramp connects U.S. 95 north with the new collector-distributor lanes that provide the connection to Exit 79, Decatur Boulevard. Photo taken 11/11/08. By 2010, U.S. 95 had been widened to four lanes (two in each direction) between Nevada 163 and U.S. 93 near Railroad Pass. The next exit along U.S. 95 north is Exit 79, Decatur Boulevard. Photo taken 03/29/08. The next exit along U.S. 95 north is Exit 80, Jones Boulevard. Valley View Boulevard travels south from U.S. 95 to. The two US routes overlap for 23 miles northwest to Henderson and downtown Las Vegas. Photos taken 03/29/08 and 10/19/04. While they’re keeping our state safe, and doing their best, it’s still frustrating to get pulled over for the little things. Today; This Month Photos taken 03/29/08 and 10/19/04. Meanwhile, the collector-distributor lanes split, with the right lane connecting to Decatur Boulevard and the left lanes preparing to merge back onto the mainline. View detailed information and reviews for 100 US Highway 95 in Searchlight, Nevada and get driving directions with road conditions and live traffic updates along the way. This alignment is a significant change from the prior configuration (see next series of photos from 2004). Photo taken 11/11/08. No matter the time of year, everyone hates this drive. Nevada 374 travels southwest from Beatty into Death Valley National Park via Rhyolite and Bullfrog. Whether you love the Vegas lights or the Tahoe views, there’s something in the Silver State for everyone. One of the biggest issues is that most of the excruciatingly long drive is on a two lane highway. While it’s the only productive way to get from southern to northern Nevada, it doesn’t make it any more bearable. U.S. 95 northbound pull through panel attached to the Craig Road over crossing. Attached to the U.S. 95 Business southbound off-ramp from U.S. 95 south is the 0.25-mile overhead for Ann Road (Exit 90B). Photo taken 03/29/08. Terms of Use | Legal Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Accident News. Photo taken 01/21/02. Which means you’re forced to go into oncoming traffic to try and pass the person in front of you, which is unsafe for drivers no matter their experience. Then, a 2020 Freightliner tractor pulling a trailer hit the Nissan in a head on collision. Nevada 595 travels south from this interchange through the city of Las Vegas (Nevada 589/Sahara Avenue) into unincorporated Clark County. Omitted are distances to other northern Nevada locations on or near the U.S. 95 corridor such as Fallon, Fernley-Wadsworth, Yerington, and Carson City. U.S. 95 northbound nears the "Rainbow Curve", the point at which Rainbow Boulevard and the Las Vegas Expressway cross paths and where the U.S. highway turns northward. Photo taken 03/29/08. Photo taken 01/21/02. U.S. 95 northbound traffic turns onto the northbound on-ramp to U.S. 93 (Boulder Highway). Photo taken 11/11/08. Opinions expressed in The Nevada Sagebrush are solely those of the author and do not necessarily express the views of The Sagebrush or its staff. Decatur Boulevard is a north-south arterial between Nevada 593 (Tropicana Avenue) and Business U.S. 95 and Nevada 599/Rancho Drive. The highway overlaps U.S. Route 95 from State Route 173 in Boulder City to Interstate 15 in downtown Las Vegas. These delays take up so much time, and for a highway that isn’t going moving towards expanding lanes any time soon, there’s no reason why there’s always construction happening. A detour to … Nevada 160 leads south from this point to connect to Pahrump and Red Rocks before entering the southern part of the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Immediately thereafter, northbound U.S. 95/Oran K. Gragson Highway reaches Exit 81B, Nevada 595/Rainbow Boulevard. Motorists bound for Rainbow Boulevard south should use Exit 82A for the Lake Mead Boulevard intersection with the parallel street. Photo taken 03/29/08. Photo taken 03/29/08. US Highway 95; US Highway 395; State Highways. The closest school is Silver Stage High School. Leaving the intersection with Nevada 163/Laughlin Highway, this mileage sign (for Searchlight - 19 miles and Las Vegas - 75 miles) is posted along U.S. 95 north. U.S. 95 north leaves the stack interchange with Interstate 15 and U.S. 93 and continues west toward Exit 77, Rancho Drive (U.S. 95 Business and Nevada 599). U.S. 95 is arguably the worst highway in Nevada and driving it is not only tedious but dangerous. Photos taken 03/29/08 and 10/19/04. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of James Peter Adams. James Peter Adams Killed in Crash on US Highway 95 [Beatty, NV]. Unless you’re in a town, there’s no street or safety lights on the highway which could make getting stuck even more nerve-wracking than normal. Photo taken 03/29/08. There’s so much carelessness on this highway and I can’t tell if people don’t value their own lives, or if they just don’t value yours. Lawyer advertising. Motorists bound for Ann Drive depart U.S. 95 northbound via the two-lane off-ramp of Exit 90B. Northbound U.S. 95 meets Nevada 373 at Amargosa Valley east of Death Valley National Park. She can be reached at jaceygonzalez@sagebrush.unr.ed and on Twitter @NevadaSagebrush. There is a proper way to pass people, and an improper way to pass people. This upcoming exits mileage sign provides the distance to Exit 77, Junction Business U.S. 95/Rancho Drive; Exit 78, Valley View Boulevard; and Exit 79, Decatur Boulevard. The work involved the building of a new ramp from Summerlin Parkway east onto U.S. 95 north, and improvements to existing ramps and bridges to reduce congestion and allow for the ten-lane widening of the freeway below. Photo taken 03/29/08. You can also call a friend or an Uber to pick you up if you feel like it would be unsafe to drive. Nevada 265 travels south to Silver Peak, an unincorporated town with a history steeped in silver and gold mining in the 19th century and today is adjacent to a lithium extraction facility in nearby Clayton Valley. The highway has a median barrier in the rural segments and a center turn lane through Cal-Nev-Ari and Searchlight. Photo taken 10/19/04. U.S. 95 prepares to pass under the Valley View Boulevard overpass. Decatur Boulevard ends 2.5 miles to the north at North Las Vegas Airport. But when you’re hitting construction delays on a two lane highway, that means you’re stuck waiting behind a pilot car to guide you and the rest of traffic through the other lane. Northbound U.S. 95 approaches the Mercury exit, one mile. U.S. 95 northbound merges with U.S. 93 at a diamond interchange near Boulder City. Reno, 440 miles to the north, meanwhile requires one to travel west on a combination of U.S. 95 Alternate, U.S. 50, and/or Interstate 80 from U.S. 95 near Schurz and Fallon. If I had a dollar for every time I had to slam on my breaks to avoid a car speeding head on towards me in my own lane, I’d have enough money to fly between Las Vegas and Reno instead. Exit 90A provides a southbound ramp onto U.S. 95 Business ahead of its intersection with Lone Mountain Road. So people speed, and if you’re in the unlucky few, you’ve gotten pulled over for maybe going five over. Photo taken 11/11/08. Ann Road comprises a divided surface arterial between Durango Drive 1.4 miles to the west and Decatur Boulevard 2.5 miles to the east. This website is designed for general information only, please see our disclaimer. Photo taken 01/20/02. Leaving the U.S. 6 intersection at Coaldale Junction, a U.S. 95 north reassurance shield is posted. Once in the national park, Nevada 374 connects to California 190 en route to Stovepipe Wells and Lone Pine in the Eastern Sierra Nevada.

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