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I reached out to them after they so quickly followed up with me, but I've heard literally nothing from them since. They are catering the buyers through a network of branches which are spread all across the eastern U.S. He did not try to oversell and no pressure. Within two and a half months, the refurbished mattress has now collapsed in the middle.Not much more to say, but if you plan to purchase a mattress from this store, you'll save a lot of time just lighting a thousand dollars on fire.And a small postscript about the service: Clarence was in the store and his minions helped me each time I was there. Feel free to visit my store page, you can see we run a good honest business & really help people save money and that is what we want to do with our mattress reviews as well. Clarence said they had a sale going on and bam!! Charles was great. Had an outstanding customer service experience with Travis Ranshaw at this Mattress Warehouse location. Our experts will share little-known and research-backed facts about the full Mattress Warehouse offering that you need to know now! My husband and I worked with both Casey and Cody both were great to work with. The very first time I used the adjustable base it froze in the upright position. Some reviews are that it could not fulfill the expected warranty period and broke down easily. Purchasing a new mattress is time consuming, involves a lot of price checking, and lots of decisions & eliminations. (Can't remember). I'd be happy to change my rating once my 3 month old mattress is replaced, but I won't hold my breath.So if you find a blue-faced man with a sore back in the Cleveland Park area, you'll know that nothing was done.I just realized that this is my second 1 star rating and it has tied with the DMV in DC which has since been closed.On round three, I'm told that Mattress Warehouse is not responsible for the products they sell.Round four, and thankfully I have a wife that can cry on cue, but they caved in and gave us full store credit and admitted "off the record" that they mattress we bought was one that was having many problems. Man what great service. Cheswick Manor is a brand sold mainly at Mattress Warehouse that makes a blend of innerspring and hybrid mattresses at competitive pricepoints. Will never come here again-try a different store. They are selling their products with over 250 mattress retailing outlets. Want to learn more? This is not a company that we want to give our business to! When the District Manager finally called he told me that the Mattress was within Aireloom's specs. Called to place my order on Tuesday, after visiting the store that same day. I also had a very good experience at Mattress Warehouse. The actual process of picking out the mattress was fairly routine but the delivery aspect of the purchase was very frustrating. He is friendly, patient, not pushy at all, and can help you find exactly what you need. The warranty language basically excludes everything unless it hits 1-1/2" sag. Be warned! He even pointed out less expensive, but comparable quality alternatives. Mr. Clarence was fantastic. Apart from them, Mattress warehouse is also a dealer of some other brands which are easy to afford, along with the recognized ones. People have to realize that you can't get everything for free and if you are nice you can always get a deal such as free shipping or tax. I had to wait until I closed on my house. But the team at Mattress Warehouse Bethesda were simply great, providing thoughtful information about my different options and ultimately helping me to arrive at a great choice at a great price. Lesson learned! Horrible! The manager that was there made the process really quick which was greatly appreciated. Poor customer service, don't care attitude!! Contacted them the next day after we slept on the mattress pad asking about returning it, I was told no!!! Manager of the sales person at the Tyson's store that we purchased the mattress was completely dismissive and implied that we were lying. Save yourselves a lot of heartache, folks, give your business to a company who truly appreciates their customers, not only during the sale, but more importantly, in customer service. Needless to say, I will never make a purchase from Mattress Warehouse Sleep Happens again. After meeting Nancy, we walked away having purchased a brand new mattress and are looking forward to delivery this Friday. I felt like this was a great shopping experience that was straight to the point with reasonable prices. I called the service number three times in one week close to (but before tbe posted hours on the web site) to report my problem and was told to call back between at 8am and 8pm eastern. We let you see the details in depth about all brands so just sit back and explore. Casey helped us out and he's not the typical pushy salesmen, which we really appreciated. For more information about reviews on please visit our We just had an amazing experience buying with Casey at Mattress Warehouse! Never mind the fact that ALL new mattresses and box springs come delivered SEALED in thick plastic wrapping. Thank you to Amit and Ryan for another perfect experience! They get good initial reviews from customers when it comes to comfort, but some have had problems with the beds sagging over a shorter than average period. In conclusion, Mattress Warehouse (not to be confused with Discounters) on Wisconsin Ave. is great and Clarence is fantastic. It will sag and lose support, but the top layer will rebound just enough to deny your claim. They revolutionized the industry with memory foam mattresses and have even added pocketed coil and cooling options. Was told by sales rep it would take 5-7 business days to process refund because they don't do it in the store - it's sent to corporate. See how it works & how you can save $$$. Reassurances but no action. Get The Best Black Friday 2020 Online Mattress Deals! How do I know I can trust these reviews about Mattress Warehouse and Sleep Outfitters? Cause I couldn't be happier:). He tben told me repeatedly to take apart tbe remote. Quick, efficient, and didn't make a mess of things. Upon entering, we were greeted by Howard whom directed us to what we were interested in (price and comfort wise) after trying out a few of the mattress sets, we found "the one". There are hundreds of new mattress brands that have come onto the market over the last few years to compete for your business and this means: Lower prices for better products if you know where to look. Slumber Search is supported by readers. Fed up, I went into the store and demanded a refund. Don’t forget that Mattress warehouse has alternative budget-friendly options as well as the leading brands that offer an extremely low cost that tempts the buyers to change their minds. What was not mentioned was the 25% restocking fee - and it is not a return policy - it is an exchange policy. As we were leaving the parking lot, I asked my husband to run out and make sure that we could return it. DO NOT BUY A MATTRESS PROTECTOR THEY high pressured me into it AND THEY ARE $100-$300 AND they will not allow you to return it even if the thing has never been opened. The cons: Durability concerns were reported by customers. We took pictures with a tape measure sent the evidence to them. Thanks to the ten-year warranty, they sent someone over to evaluate the claim. Thank you so much Jim at Mattress Warehouse in Macedonia, Ohio. He was also extremely patient, which was much appreciated. These mattresses get good initial reception from customers, but there were customers that reported some models broke down quickly. I bought a set and had to return the box and frame. Aireloom makes high end, handcrafted mattresses that feature luxury materials like cashmere and pocketed coils. I called and got a great price out the door sight unseen. Half way into waiting, I called and was told I was the next stop, delivery persons were on their way.

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