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Hulk is World Breaker.-Win by any means except BFR.-Pre and Is Balder still only vulnerable to mistletoe? Protects him from the Morrow Block, which drains the energy of a planet. Orion's blast would have been several planetary diameters. Wow..King Saturn made a thread..Lol..With that being said,I side with the 2 brothers.The Mother Box Orion carries is very versatile and can accomplish variety that maybe the other team can't deal with.But I would like to see feats from the other 2.. My vote goes to team 2 better team work. After Darkseid broke the pact of peace with New Genesis, the rival planet of Kalibak's home Apokolips, he aided his father in the resulting battles. Round 1 being the hardest. This fueled Kalibak's hatred of Orion to new levels, for Darkseid clearly valued Orion over his first-born. A scan of the original art. That and if you hit world breaker hulk too hard your going to trigger a gamma burst in your face. To be fair to Superman, this is during the Superman: Confidential story, which means a younger, weaker Superman. From what I gather similar to when Monarch detonated, as Granny Goodness remarks on "not a single scrap of any living thing remaining". Enjoy yourself here on the 'Vine. Although I wonder why those two never tangled in the Pre-Flashpoint DCU. Hulk wins both rounds since there is no BFR. Pre 52 Versions. Anyway, Kalibak starts the fight a lot stronger than a calm Hulk does, as Kalibak has strength that is roughly at a similar level to Orion (his brother). Maybe mind control. So..... 50/50 shot. He takes out Hulk solo. Final Crisis #6(January, 2009). During the superheroes assault on Bludhaven, Kalibak lead his tiger-men in the defense of Command-D, battling Tawky Tawny of the Marvel Family. Hand to hand combatRound 2. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Badly. Apparently enough to fell an entire army (in context this would be a New Genesis army). He did this to prevent Metron from figuring out who wielded the Anti-Life Equation.. Time travel is weird because this now never happened. KO's a dazed Superman. Joke of the day. A terrific example of a classic Kirby brawl from. @atheistknowledge: You don't think Orion can BFR Hulk? If you punch hulk you'll trigger a gamma burst. And the size of the city on New Genesis relative to the planet is. Blog articles are © 2010-2013 Robert Steibel. Yellow Line: As you go across the bottom of the page, Kalibak’s right hand leads your eye back through the impact in panel 4, so you can see it again and appreciate the power (notice the sharp-edged Kirby debris flying off of Orion, like pieces of shattered armor), and the page ends with panel 5 — Kalibak’s right hand beginning the process of tearing down a building. The serious issue I have with your analysis is that while "Warrior Madness" Thor should (if what I've heard about what happens to his stats in that state of mind is correct) give Kalibak the worst day of his life, Orion (unlike his older brother) can increase his own stats nigh-indefinitely via Astro-Force manipulation. Why? That's impressive. 107. I dont know how to do the math, but I'm almost certain that inaccurate writing. This is simple, standard, straightforward comic book storytelling, and everything Jack did here may have been unconscious (the result of over 40 years of experience drawing comics) or just plain common sense. Kalibak (/ ˈ k æ l ɪ b æ k /) is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics.Kalibak is the eldest son of Darkseid, the half-brother of Orion and Grayven, and an enemy of Superman and the Justice League Not sure about round 1 but definitely in round 2. https://www.reddit.com/r/respectthreads/comments/2oub79/respect_orion_the_dog_of_war_pre52/. These two HATE each other, so in character, it's only a matter of time before Kalibak betrays his half-brother and this becomes a 3 on 1 against the Dog of War. Thanks for visiting. Kalibak vs. Orion: Anatomy of a Brawl A terrific example of a classic Kirby brawl from New Gods # 11 (1972), pg. The distraction allowed Tawny to regain consciousness and slash Kalibak across the chest, mortally wounding the New God. KO's Superman. He has channeled the whole power of the sun from sitting in its core. On the other hand Hulk would be unable to continue the fight. But thats not what you said at first. But I think it's worth breaking a page like this down because Jack is considered a master at portraying a comic book fistfight, so if you're interested in comics storytelling, looking at how Kirby handled an action sequence can be rewarding. SO basically Hulk vs Orion, right? I see this the same way, as I can't think of anything that could make Orion and Kalibak the Cruel put aside their differences for longer that 5 minutes before they'd be just itching to tear each others heads off. Round two I give to worldbreaker. This would be a great fight, but again as awesome as you and I both know the Eradicator is, I don't see him soloing. Are you using the Eradicator pictured because he's featless or the Eradicator that appeared after the Death of Superman? The first thing Jack does is take advantage of the Western convention of reading left to right. Yeah. Everyone is at Standard Levels. [3] During the Final Crisis, Kalibak was reborn in a human body along with the rest of the New Gods of Apokolips. My vote goes to team 2 better team work. @attitude_era: the gamma burst is triggered by force, so a step would creat less force than a punch and vice versa. They just can't kill him. I thought that all ended after he got resurrected after the Ragnarok business (the Ragnarok that happened back in the 70's; I think there's been a couple). However, Mother Box has powers that we don't even know about yet (not the least of which is the ability to BFR Team 1 to the Horsehead Nebula (as an example). BFRing WBH in hand to hand is virtually impossible. World Breaker Hulk is Odin level and nobodies like Orion get obliterated by Hulk's presence. I see. The Astro Force was said to be the opposite and equal of the energy the bomb used. I love to help where I can! For the record, he and Orion are certainly the most versatile combatants here, and would be able to potentially stalemate each other on the energy manipulation front, leaving their teammates to slug it out (though I'm not sure if Fairchild would fare all that well against Kalibak's Beta-Club, since I've read very little Gen13).

1st Class English Question, Exothermic Reaction Examples, Agricultural Engineering Near Me, How To Unlock All Events Melee, Beef Slang Origin, Floyd Rose Bridge,