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Did you look into that and if you did what made you pick Ikea? A small brush I assume? A large selection of colors and designs makes them widely accessible and appealing, too. Can I ask how long this took you to put together? We’re both really tall so it hasn’t been an issue at all for us. Looks great. Would LOVE to know where Julia’s jean shorts are from? Chris opted for IKEA’s pants hangers, one rod with lots of drawers in the center and our laundry is tucked into the far cubby with an extra rod that will likely be used for jackets. Our light switch! DP and I managed it ourselves so it can't have been too technical! Here is how it all looked so far: Next came the skirting which was cut from 6 x 1 inch planed timber, mitred in the corners and made to fit to the existing wall skirting boards using a contour gauge. Measure your wardrobe space. However, this did mean that the far right and left frames were tight to the wall and as a result were sitting slightly on the existing skirting boards. Thanks for or being a step ahead of us and showing us the way! We have a few spare inches we plan on trimming out to make it look more custom and built-in. Swap out the floor register for something that blends better. PAX indoor furnishing pdf manual download. Hi Reuben, Great hack. So beautiful.Great workmanship! None of ours are screwed to the wall, we can hang off the front of them and they don't tip, so I figure they are fine, we clearly have too many clothes. And I’d love a post with all of your stuff so beautifully organized in the space :). I agree on using art in unusual places – I have art in bathrooms & closets. It is the reason these closets have become immensely popular with the business, making people want to purchase them. You might not think you need them, but, most likely, you do. But if this is done correctly it will avoid a long narrow gap existing at the bottom of all the wardrobes when it’s finished. Thank you for sharing all your tips on this website too! It looks like the list below. Combining your explanation with your diagram I get it now – one thickness to fill from the kickboard to the edge of door, and one thickness to fill from the front edge of the wardrobe side panel to the door. I cannot find the link to the post about adding the trim pieces to your Pax system. Next point belongs to the door hinges. Amazing work! Whoot. I also knew that we would move house so I didn't put the pins all the way in for the back panel as I removed them to collapse the doubles and re-used the same pins to put it back on! I can’t wait to see all your stuff in there! Tips for Assembling Ikea Pax Wardrobes (78 Posts) Add message | Report. As mentioned before, the primer sticks better to the flat white melamine than the grain effect melamine so with hindsight I would have used the white PAX units and shelves for the left and right units. I can’t decide if all of ours are missing screws or I am not reading the instructions correctly…either way is entirely possible! You can see that by moving the kickboard flush, the filler can run across the fonts of the wardrobe frames, with no gap to the kickboard, and, if positioned correctly, the skirting board will bridge the platform edge and filler perfectly. It is not something you should try on your own nor is it something you should have to deal with alone. I found the best way to do this was to place the wooden length against the uneven wall then slide a pen flat against the wall, with its point on the wood, down the front face. i am really glad to hear, that i´m not the only one giving evil eyes, to my mister w. But I didn’t think about trimming it out…do I need to remove the trim that’s already in there before installing it? The LED strip is stuck to the rear face of the custom frames I built which are attached to the end shelf units. iFurnitureassembly LLC is in NO-way affilated with the ikea Corporation or Ikea Corporation or ikea America Corporation. Pictures ?? I am hoping they will fit! Im planning mine now and am trying to see how I can maximize my space!! It’s beautiful! With so many choosing the Ikea Pax wardrobe, this is a lot. The mirrors were from a local glass shop. Using a small roller gives a little more time. It’s a U shaped and I always wish it were a galley style because I feel like it would have so much more room! The whole idea was that if we decided we didn’t like it in five years’ time, the whole thing could be removed without much impact on the room. High quality materials add to all of this. Wow, even before trim it is dreamy! But am watching as hopefully our ikea furniture is arriving tomorrow and we are assembling ourselves. The Pax have cool hidden levelling feet that are good for getting everything square. window.fd('form', { https://www.crateandbarrel.com/penarth-walnut-oval-wall-mirror/s191770, This is so exciting !!! Oh and if you're not attaching them to the wall, skip out screwing the metal plate with the hole onto the sides cos that's all it does! Oh, it’s not a drawer. Hope this helps. To think that the government's idea will start family rows that will go on for years? I was seeing stars with the fumes after doing this, despite all the windows being open. It doesn’t come with screws to mount it to the wall. Cheaper than paying someone else to come and fit it! Do NOT attempt it without an electric screwdriver. Thanks for sharing how much the total cost was – it’s nice to see so we can plan accordingly if thinking of doing the same thing. Cutting chipboard to size to cover the top was trickier than I thought due to the different depths of the sections, but once that was done it was screwed over the top. It too will have a half-height clothes rail, and then shelves and a shoe rack. We are using your design as a model to do something very similar. And screwing it to the wall helps. Required fields are marked *. From the planner, you’ll see an icon with a magnifying glass and a list next to it, click on that: This will bring you to an itemized list of everything your plan entails. you can decoupage them onto the sides of little boxes or containers that might end up accenting the space. Definitely take out baseboards before install so the wardrobes can sit nice and flush. I've only done the Stuva wardrobe so far, but that came with spacers so we could fit it to the wall, and keep the skirting board intact. Electric screwdriver and LOTS OF TIME (seriously, it takes sooo much longer than you expect)and I think the wardrobes would be a 2-person job (and I speak as an expert in single-handed Ikea assembly)I think they give you the little widgets to screw it to the wall? The first modification to the PAX frames was therefore to re-drill the holes for the bottom kickboard dowels to make them flush with the edges of the PAX sides as just discussed. It may seem like no big deal at first, but it can quickly become overwhelming. Thank you. Thanks. First, the big half of the hinge attaches to the door, and the small half to the frame, as the video makes clear. One question – are you planning to paint or change out the floor register? Hmm, This mirror is the best if you’re still looking! Hiya, the magic number is 8cm. The photo below shows the finished wardrobe project, minus knobs, which were added later. Looks awesome! After our initial plans, we took some of your feedback and tweaked a few other things before eventually pulling the trigger on our wardrobe system. For the effort and time required, which can take a few hours for Ikea Pax wardrobe, you are not paying that much. Would this work? As stated above, a lot of people go for these services. It is why assembly services exist. Wonder if you could help me with ours…we moved into a Home that had installed these same cabinets. )…in other words, what do you think the limit is to the width of a walk in galley style closet like this- trying to figure out a way to make it happen but am constrained in the width dimension (would be stealing from bedroom) Any ideas? This led to the second customisation, just for the far right and left frames, which was to plane 5-10mm from the bottom of the offending sides and add an offset piece of chipboard, screwed to the side. I love your drawers now all lined up! The pen creates a line on the wood which is perfectly offset from the wall by half of the diameter of the pen. Or would it be advisable to build a base for the wardrobes to sit on? In fact, I’d say doing any DIY project together puts … Another untried suggestion from me would be to add a few (four per wardrobe) right-angle braces to the middle of each corner. formId: '5d767f96afdf3e000f968472', I got a local shop to cut mirror glass to fit into each of the square recesses in the middle three doors. Probably around £750 all in. How did the light switch cut out turn out ?? It’s best to plane to this line at an angle, making the final adjustments easier. Take advantage of this service now to enjoy your closet tomorrow. Doing something like this isn’t in our budget today, but let me tell you… you totally inspired me to FINALLY organize my clothes and donate items I haven’t worn in years. In your opinion, is the height of the base of Pax as it is, enough to have the carpet fitted up to it without the doors getting stuck or dragging?

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