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Sitemap. The wide-openness of my portrayal had to do with my sink or swim attitude toward it. [47], Quebec City-based Théâtre Décibel produced the French-speaking world-premiere of the show. It starred Paul Hegarty as Todd, Karen Mann as Mrs. Lovett, Rebecca Jackson as The Beggar Woman, Sam Kenyon as Tobias, Rebecca Jenkins as Johanna, David Ricardo-Pearce as Anthony and Colin Wakefield as Judge Turpin. Character Breakdown. By the 1870s, Sweeney Todd was a familiar character to most Victorians. When Anthony tells Todd of his plan to ask Johanna to elope with him, Todd, eager to reunite with his daughter, agrees to let them use his barbershop as a safehouse. There are opera houses. The cast featured Rod Gilfry and Franco Pomponi (Sweeney Todd) and Caroline O'Connor (Mrs Lovett). So I thought I would share a bit of … [30] This production takes place in a pie shop that has been recreated for the occasion in Shaftesbury Avenue and ran from March 19 to May 16, 2015. Forms. In the play, Sweeney Todd's mental collapse and the subsequent plan for Lovett's meat pies take place in less than half a page of dialogue, much too quickly to convey the full psychological impact, in the view of scholar Larry A. Beggar Woman: Soprano/Mezzo Soprano – legit to F5. I just figured hell, I've done everything else on Broadway, I might as well go with Mrs. Translated by Joëlle Bond and directed by Louis Morin, the show played from October 28 to November 8, 2014 at the Capitole de Québec. Lansbury, who had grown up in British music hall, immediately got it. "[73], Donal Henahan wrote an essay in The New York Times concerning the 1984 New York City Opera production: "The difficulty with Sweeney was not that the opera singers were weaklings incapable of filling the State Theater with sound – Miss Elias, who was making her City Opera debut, has sung for many years at the Metropolitan, a far larger house. In autumn 2015 the Welsh National Opera and Wales Millennium Centre produced a co-production with West Yorkshire Playhouse and the Royal Exchange Manchester as part of the WNO's "Madness" season. Leaving Anthony, Todd enters a meat pie shop on Fleet Street, where the owner, the slatternly widow Mrs. Lovett, laments the scarcity of meat and customers ("Worst Pies in London"). Bios. Attractive young leading man, but a little rough around the edges. Anthony arrives at the asylum to rescue Johanna, but is exposed when Johanna recognizes him. Comedic actress with excellent timing. Todd sneers at the audience for a moment and vanishes. The production debuted in October at The Theater at Solaire. [85], This article is about the 1979 musical. Brown. [1], Sondheim's musical was, in fact, based on Christopher Bond's 1973 spooky melodrama, which introduced a psychological background to Todd's crimes. In spring 2006, the production toured the UK with Jason Donovan as Todd and Harriet Thorpe as Mrs. Lovett. Prince's scenic metaphor for Sweeney Todd was a 19th-century iron foundry moved from Rhode Island and reassembled on the stage, which critic Jack Kroll aptly described as "part cathedral, part factory, part prison, that dwarfed and degraded the swarming denizens of the lower orders. When he recognizes Pirelli's coin purse in Mrs. Lovett's hands, she distracts him by showing him the bakehouse, instructing him how to work the meat grinder and the oven before locking him in. Sondheim's score is one of his most complex, with orchestrations by his long-time collaborator Jonathan Tunick. Unaware that Johanna is his friend Todd's daughter, Anthony is immediately enamored ("Ah, Miss"), and he pledges to return for her, even after the judge and Beadle threaten him and chase him away ("Johanna"). [27] The production received positive reviews from both critics and audience members and transferred to the Adelphi Theatre in the West End in 2012 for a limited run from March 10 to September 22, 2012. However, Prince soon discovered a metaphor in which to set the show, making what Sondheim had originally envisioned as "a small horror piece" into a colossal portrait of the Industrial Revolution, and an examination of the general human condition of the time as it related to men like Sweeney Todd. This actor will also play Ensemble roles. A character man who is a chameleon. [80], The 2005 Broadway revival also was recorded. A mad crone whose interjections go unheeded, eventually identified as Benjamin Barker's wife, Lucy, who was raped by Judge Turpin. A thug who has been elevated to a position of power. It was directed by Christopher Ashley with choreography by Daniel Pelzig. € This song is an *optional* verse of "Sweet Polly Plunkett.". Research Playwrights, Librettists, Composers and Lyricists. Philadelphia, PA, Accessibility Statement Terms Privacy |StageAgent © 2020. The Melbourne production toured to Sydney and Brisbane in 1988. Sign up today to unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities. Sweeney is a dark character bent on revenge and ruthless when it comes to getting what he wants. The look of the production was quite abstract. Search this site. The Judge revels in his power and demands people’s respect. In 1995, the Barcelona cast recorded a cast album sung in Catalan. I think it's not. As Anthony and Johanna flee, the asylum's freed inmates prophesy the end of the world, while Todd and Mrs. Lovett hunt through the sewers for Toby, and the beggar woman fears what has become of the Beadle ("City on Fire/Searching"). Toby, heedless of them, begins turning the meat grinder, crooning Mrs. Lovett's previous instructions to him ("Final Scene"). [64] This production transferred to London Coliseum Theatre for 13 performances from March 30 through April 12, 2015. The score is one vast structure, each individual part meshing with others for the good of the entire musical machine. Mrs. Lovett then informs Todd that Toby has found out about their secret and must be dealt with. 2950 days since Opening Night. [66], Stephen Sondheim believes that Sweeney Todd is a story of revenge and how it consumes a vengeful person. Todd and Lovett soon arrive; as part of his plan to establish his new identity, Todd exposes the elixir as a sham, challenges Pirelli to a shaving competition and easily wins ("The Contest"), inviting the impressed Beadle for a free shave ("The Ballad of Sweeney Todd" – reprise 2). [55][56], The first opera company to mount Sweeney Todd was the Houston Grand Opera in a production directed by Hal Prince, which ran from June 14, 1984 through June 24, 1984 for a total of 10 performances.

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