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Patterns are real, but not math. Instill math, rwproduction, growth, Evolution (and imperfections), and a limited lifespan and a solid pursuit of “fairness” through it all… And everything else will evolve from these through causation… Even feelings like love. Mathematicians also hold the units constant when issuing the statement; in fact that is part of the definition of the statement. Some examples are: • If I have three red balls in a bag and add two more, the bag will then contain five red balls. READ MORE: This best-selling seat cushion worked absolute wonders for my back pain. Also, The Pythagorean Theorem has more proofs than any other theorem. One day, when i was studying Electromagnetism , I wondered why all the formulas that were developed hold true and we can predict what could possibly happen if we change the condition and i took it as a serious issue for myself. Various authors have attempted to define mathematics by developing lists of axioms (which are simply assumed to be true) and then proving that the basic mathematical objects (e.g. This is why mathematics used to be and still should be coupled tightly with philosophy, lest it be given the title and status of the language of God, infallible, and without challengers and champions. Hence, mathematical definitions were chosen by humans to model physical reality so that we could make useful predictions, not to encapsulate metaphysical truth, so really, why should we expect math to be true? But, the intention and probably the validity of this statement breaks down when the “thing” is something abstract. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About: Religion, God, and Spirituality, The Myth of “the Market” : An Analysis of Stock Market Indices, Distinguishing Evil and Insanity : The Role of Intentions in Ethics, Ordinary Least Squares Linear Regression: Flaws, Problems and Pitfalls. Physics and maths have in common that both are based on axiomatised logical systems. I can help thinking of the Old Testament Bible verse where God says: “…as the heavens are higher than the earth so are my thoughts higher than your thoughts…” Perhaps are brains are not capable of understanding “truth” but we can use math to approximate it. Will Terrorists Attack Manhattan with a Nuclear Bomb? How is a self-evident axiom any different than our ancestors believing that the future must follow the present. If the formula is not applied and we assume time is constant your equation would hold true as the distance traveled will be constant and since time on the train would be the same as time on ground you will have the same units. – More broadly the concepts of “logic”, “reason”, even “proof” are mathematically-infected, if I may say so. The addition operator ‘+’ no longer models this situation well because when we place a new object in the bag it does not always increase the number of objects contained in the bag by one. No? Furthermore, the examples were intended to illustrate that we cannot prove that math IS true simply by finding examples of things that it models well. George says: mathematical “axioms are self evidently true.” Here is the entire breakdown of the word “true”. These are fundamental, self-evident axioms. “Math is just a way to describe patterns. “I think his point is that the “representation” is not the “thing” itself. lll – three ls. instead of using 2+3=5, one should use a formula that is accurate to find the total speed. Of course, “a cup” is not its 2D projection, it’s even not its 3D HD image. If you want to prove that math is false you already lost. I agree – I think of mathematics as a language… we would never say “Spanish” is true or false… it is a system people use to describe and model their world…. In reality at the moment of applying the “+” the “=” will hold true. Put them together and you get this: lllll. These are some of the questions that I will try to address. This new car cloth can easily remove all the car scratches and dents from your car. What’s more, if I had three dollars worth of goods yesterday and then borrow two dollars worth of goods from you today, the total number of dollars worth of goods that I have possession of will not necessarily be five dollars if the value of my original goods changed between yesterday and today (as can happen in real economic markets). The 33-year-old actress was self-quarantining in the basement of the family's NYC home. Then we could conclude that 2 units plus 3 units = 5 units. It’s a silly question with right or wrong answer. In conclusion: numbers and other mathematical objects are simply concepts, and not things that are actually observable in the universe, so we cannot say that statements like 3+2=5 are true in the same way that we can say that the statement “massive objects exert forces on other massive objects” is true. Of course not. As convoluted as this discussion has become, matters get still murkier. Anyways, how we know what is true is based on the basic line of axioms -> proofs -> theorems. If you claim you’ve never wondered why math exists, you’re either lying or have not been truly bored yet. On this he is correct even from a computational perspective because a vector representation of brain correlations is definitely not the actual thing. All theorems, that are true, can (should) be able to be deduced all the way back down into Euclid’s axioms, or proofs of Pythagoras. It is not terribly difficult to annihilate the relationship between the equation 3+2=5 and the other real world situations given above. Or, them believing that and object (particle) can only be in one place at one time. Yet, math, being taken as a whole, is really a collection of different languages — i.e. Consciousness, in my opinion is Subjective experience. The fact that addition represents a good model for something does not imply that addition is “true”. The interesting thing is that it’s definitely true and intuitive when the “thing” is something material, like an object or an action. One problem with drawing conclusions about mathematics from these examples is that the number ‘3’ is not the same as ‘three balls’ or ‘three hours’ or ‘three dollars’, and the operator ‘+’ is not the same as grouping together balls or combining velocities or aggregating wealth. Overall, they agree on a few things: Outdoor gatherings are safer than being indoors, crowds are to be generally avoided, social distancing is preferred and masks are a must. I asked a couple of AI researchers to watch the video below and answer the following question….

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