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[2] It was founded in 1925 by S. Ramanathan[3] who invited E. V. Ramasamy (also called as Periyar by his devoted followers) to head the movement in Tamil Nadu, India against Brahminism. Reddy at the First Self-Respect Conference held in 1929, explained the significance of self-respect and its principles. [28] Women were given the right to choose partners as well as divorce them and remarry. The first self-respect marriage that was totally devoid of any Hindu ceremony was the marriage of the prominent self-respect movement writer Kuthoosi Gurusamy with another prominent leader, Kunjidham, under the presiding of Periyaar on 8 December 1929. Due to the prevalent practice of child marriage and very poor health facilities, there were a high number of widows in then society. Immunity booster juices, supplements & more for overall health, 5 stunning bridal jewellery pieces for every bride-to-be, Terms of Use and Grievance Redressal Policy. The Self-Respect Movement is a South Asian movement with the aim of achieving a society where backward castes have equal human rights, and encouraging backward castes to have self-respect in the context of a caste-based society that considered them to be a lower end of the hierarchy. Self-respect marriages in Tamil Nadu can't be declared illegal, rules Madras HC, Copyright © 2020 Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. All rights reserved. The main principles of the Self-Respect Movement in society were to be: no kind of inequality among people; no difference such as rich and poor in economic life; men and women to be treated as equals in every respect without differences; attachments to caste, religion, varna, and country to be eradicated from society with a prevalent friendship and unity around the world; with every human being seeking to act according to reason, understanding, desire, and perspective, and shall not be subject to slavery of any kind or manner. [26] Widowhood was not penalized through religious beliefs. Consequently, the self-respect movement attracted a lot of women. [6], Periyar did not expect personal or material gain out of this movement. Annai Meenambal was the person who first gave E.V. Self-respect movement promoters argue that there was no reference to Thaali in the Sangam literatures like Tirukkuṛaḷ or Akanaṉūṟu, which describe the Tamils' lifestyle during the Sangam era. He remarked that the so-called 'Indian freedom fighters' were showing disrespect of self-respect, and this was really an irrational philosophy. It was founded in 1925 by S. Ramanathan who invited E. V. Ramasamy to head the movement in Tamil Nadu, India … Periyar, in regard to a DK member's attempt to assassinate Rajagopalachari, "expressed his abhorrence of violence as a means of settling political differences". The Self-Respect movement encouraged inter-caste marriages, replacing arranged marriages by love marriages that are not constrained by caste. [25], In addition to many of the anti-Caste and Tamil nationalist ideologies of the Self-Respect Movement, it is also widely regarded that the Self-Respect Movement, held as core, deeply feminist values. Among Singapore Indians, groups like the Tamil Reform Association, and leaders such as Thamizhavel G. Sarangapani were prominent in promoting the principles of the Self-Respect Movement among the local Tamil population through schools and publications. Need to translate "self-respect" to Telugu? After reservation was introduced by the Justice Party, it changed this trend, allowing non-Brahmins to rise in the government of the Madras Presidency. Despite BJP push for power sharing, AIADMK says no to coalition govt, Democracy and diversity return to US capital as Trump folds. You don't love yourself, much less care for yourself. Ramasamy, the title "Periyar" meaning the elder or wise one[33] and Veerammal is said to have provoked Periyar to think more critically about how the movement could do better not just for non-Brahmin castes, but also for Dalits and Adivasis.[35]. Women like Sivagami Ammaiyar, who could be widowed at 11 years, were given a new lease on life by the widow remarriage principles of the self-respect movement. Thamaraikanni Ammaiyar, Munnagaara Azhagiyar and a total of 73 women were arrested for protesting. To me, self-respect is that deeper, inner feeling we have about ourselves. In 1920, when the Justice Party came to power, Brahmins occupied about 70 percent[13][14] of the high level posts in the government. The law was passed by the Tamil Nadu assembly on 27 November 1967, and was approved by the President on 17 January 1968. It was argued by the proponents of self-respect marriage that the then conventional marriages were officiated by Brahmins, who had to be paid for and also the marriage ceremony was in Sanskrit which most people did not understand, and hence were rituals and practices based on blind adherence.[21].

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