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Your email address will not be published. In testing by the Environmental Working Group, the bottled water industry was found to hide the sources of their water and make it difficult for consumers to learn about how the water was purified. But wait, what’s the difference between an enema vs a douche? Kai Olson-Sawyer © 2020 Condé Nast. The blue and grey water footprint for all that PET works out to about 91.8 billion m3 (which is like filling 693 billion bathtubs full of water). Ad Choices. But this isn’t the first, and likely won’t be the last, study that questions the efficiency, need, and even morality of the bottled water industry. In a 2011 study, researchers affiliated with the Water Footprint Network estimated the blue and grey water footprints of PET by analyzing the steps by which raw material becomes PET plastic resin. © 2020 Earthwatch Institute. A douche generally cleans out the area immediately inside the anus, while an enema goes further and flushes much more of the system. These are typically quite inexpensive, and include a soft-sided plastic bottle with a rigid tip designed to be inserted into the anus. You’ll need to repeat this process several times before the water runs clear, meaning any loose internal matter has been fully eliminated. You should also drink plenty of water. In India, for instance, soft drink giants. The final step includes molding these pellets into plastic packaging. There is also plastic’s large carbon footprint. Geyer et al., estimated that, between 1950 and 2015, a total of 8.3 billion metric tons (MT) of virgin plastic was produced globally. It’s convenient, safe and portable, but how much water is really in your bottle? It shouldn’t. There are some dangers to douching. A 1-liter bottle of water is approximately 33.8 ounces, so nearly 3.8 water bottles fill up a gallon. For measuring multiple gallons use the below chart as guide. But it should come with accompanying concern about how much water it takes to make the plastic itself, especially when production happens in water-stressed areas. But as an every-now-and-then treat, an occasional douche probably won’t be your undoing. 1 gallon of water = 4.61 bottles at 26 oz each. The estimated blue water footprint of the “oil to PET” steps was 2.64 gallons of water per pound (10 liters per kilogram). All forms of douching carry downsides, like a risk of injury and infection, and can also disrupt your electrolyte balance. Less understood is plastic’s substantial water footprint. Lubing the tip of the bottle can help with insertion, too. Water bottles can be different in size, but the total number of bottles filling up 128 fluid ounces in a gallon. Supply chain disruptions can have severe consequences, even for plastic resin production, as China’s severe response to halt the spread of the novel coronavirus shows. ), swapping a coffee for tea every day, shower instead of bath and use shower clocks. (Unless you’re into that.) So why should we reach for a reusable bottle instead of plastic? The total amount of water used to produce and deliver one bottle of imported water is 6.74kg (5kg + 20g + 1kg + 720g)! Here's our guide, plus more tips to help you clean out safely. If you put sharp plastic against your hole and it feels painful, stop what you’re doing — you might have cut into the tissues around your anus, in which case anal sex is definitely off the table until it heals. All rights reserved. A paper by Vorosmarty et al., published in the journal Science explains that, while water impacts are most sharply felt and managed at a local level, in an era of international supply chains, local water problems may be impacted by global systems and processes. Vorosmarty goes on to say that global trade can “[outsource] environmental problems to countries with lax regulation[s] that host highly polluting manufacturing or agriculture.” Not only can environmental problems be outsourced from one country to another, but also from one region to another within a country, particularly to places that are more open to resource exploitation or that have accommodating regulatory conditions. A douche can take ten minutes to a half hour; an enema can take several hours to complete. The soft tip, designed to go up your butt, will have a clever screw-on base that fits most standard bottles. If that’s important to you, an enema can feel better than a douche — but remember that it’s also more dangerous. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. Borax has been used for thousands of years to help launder clothes and clean surfaces because it also softens water in the same way washing soda does. Topping up your reusable water bottle will reduce your water footprint by reducing your plastic consumption. If you’re using a water bottle or other douching instrument, it’s much easier to do a basic cleaning of the immediate area inside your rectum than to try to flush out your whole colon, and if you’re only planning on bottoming, douching will be more than enough to prepare. Remember that there may be surprise pockets of water that don’t come out until later. Cleaning up before anal sex can be tricky without the right tools. So every time we throw a plastic bottle away, it doesn’t go away, nature has to deal with the plastic for hundreds of years. And you definitely shouldn’t introduce other substances like vitamins, coffee, or other beverages! In reality, about half of the bottled water offered on the shelves is nothing more than bottled municipal tap water. Here are three times when it’s OK to drink soda — but as always, consume in moderation. Some people are lucky to live in countries where drinking water is on tap, but sometimes we all find ourselves buying a bottle of water. 1 gallon of water = 15 bottles at 8 oz each (1 cup), 1 gallon of water =  7.5 bottles at 16 oz each (1 pint), 1 gallon of water =  7.1 bottles at 16.9 oz each, 1 gallon of water =  4.61 bottles at 26 oz each, 1 gallon of water =  3.75 bottles at 32 oz each (1 quart), 1 gallon of water =  3.55 bottles at 33.8 oz each (1 liter). You may want to prepare by fingering yourself with lubed-up fingers, to ensure you’re stretched out a bit and ready to receive. In India, for instance, soft drink giants PepsiCo and Coca-Cola have bottling operations with a long history of using and polluting residents’ scarce water supplies. US market Coke Zero bottles, showing 2 L (70.4 imp fl oz ; 67.6 US fl oz ) with US Customary conversion. If you add in the amount of water needed to drill for the oil to make the petroleum-based plastic or the water to make the paper labels, you’re looking at a much larger “water footprint”. If pain or blood continue for more than a day, consult a doctor or free clinic — you’re definitely not the first person who’s come in with that problem, and they’ll know what to do. The Water Footprint Network says the bottle itself could require 3 liters of water for production. Swish yourself around before release. If you maintain a high-fiber diet and healthy gut organisms, you might already be as clean as you need to be. Large-capacity with polypropylene screw caps Leakproof 1 Liter bottles include size 53B caps. While we don’t want to yuck anyone’s yum, many people want to avoid creating an anal mess in the middle of sex. We also tried to do education in the office on how garbage selection and waste recycling should be done (what goes where game) to increase ratio of recyclable waste. Rather, it could take many times that amount to create the beverage that eventually finds its way to your grocer’s shelf. They usually require installation, however, and aren’t always as convenient as other options. Needless to say, it costs significantly more to buy one bottle at a time from a convenience store, sports arena vendor, or vending machine. You should feel the water slowly filling you up. Fortunately, with just a few supplies, it’s easy enough to clean yourself out with a water bottle. That’s usually normal and often means there’s more water to flush out. Another option is to use rainwater for watering the garden and plants. Avoid cheeses, spicy food, and oily meats like beef. You can also obtain kits that are designed for douching with water bottles. You’ll want to clear out your system as much as you comfortably can ahead of time.

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