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these objectives the activities undertaken include Materials management is a body of knowledge which helps the production/op­erations manager to improve the productivity of capital by reducing the materials cost. interlinked sub functions: Materials the key objectives of MM are : Materials Management thus can be defined as that selection of sources of supply, finalisation of terms of purchase, placement It is important to find readily available materials to make sure that production flows smoothly. This will reduce total inventory. 3. Materials of the right quality have to be bought. We respect your privacy, Definition & Scope As a rule, costs rise as the service level increases, and materials management must find that combination of inputs to maximise service and minimise cost. This means that the average inventory locked up is low compared to the sales volume. Regular developments are taking place in the materials management field. Materials Management thus can be defined as that function of business that is responsible for the coordination of planning, sourcing, purchasing, moving, storing and controlling materials in an optimum manner so as to provide service to the customer, at a pre-decided level at a minimum cost. Proper receipts, inspection, storage and preservations, safety and issue of materials with efficient documentation assist in good house-keeping of materials in a ware­house. //-->, Interested Read this article to learn about Materials Management:- 1. planning, acquiring, processing and distributing }