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When pulling a load, trailer sway control ensures optimum stability. Other goodies include off-road tires, an off-road instrument cluster, and a more rugged front bumper. For drivers who don’t need four-wheel drive, Ford offers a new FX4 package. Been doing donuts or something?" Manufactured from black powder coated 14-gauge thick steel. The Ranger’s turbocharged EcoBoost engine is quite strong. Jun 15, 2019 - With the National Security Agency’s end run around the Constitution to gather phone metadata, critics are pointing to 2013 as the year the 4th Amendment became irrelevant in America. A maximum towing capacity of 7,500 pounds highlights the Ranger’s versatility. The Ranger SuperCrew body style will easily accommodate most families. My silverado has such a large panel gap by where your feet are, I can pull back the piece of plastic trim that fits over the trans tunnel and hide a baby back there if I need to. Mounts out of sight under the rear seat, yet is easily accessible. Aside from the base Ranger, all of the other trims benefit from Ford's Co-Pilot360 system. This feature includes trailer coverage, which makes driving with a load safer. User-friendly features also help the Ranger to remain competitive in a tough segment. Although Ford’s SYNC 3 infotainment system doesn’t come standard, it’s a great investment for every technology lover. Don’t forget about the Ranger’s impressive payload capacity of 1,860 pounds, which allows you to haul some major weight. While the Ranger is good on gas, it does not return best-in-class fuel economy. The cop puts his hand on the hood, and says something like "Pretty warm. Save Thousands on a New Car! /r/Cars is the largest automotive enthusiast community on the Internet. We serve as Reddit's central hub for vehicle-related discussion including industry news, reviews, projects, videos, DIY guides, art, advice, stories, and more. If you have a family, go for the SuperCrew body style. 2005 CRV, and a few bikes. There’s much to like about the new 2020 Ford Ranger, including its muscular powertrain and valuable safety technologies. It equips this truck with some great safety innovations. 10. Although the Ranger may lack a hardcore off-road trim, most drivers will have no complaints about its ability to tackle the rough terrain. MOST trucks have stake bed "holes" in back...so you can...put stakes in there or tie downs or whatever. The 4WD-equipped Ford Ranger was already capable of traveling off the beaten path. Its turbocharged four-cylinder engine feels just as muscular as a traditional V6 engine. 1983-1992 Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel. You’ll enjoy its high-resolution touchscreen, which functions similar to an electronic tablet. Just make sure you don't scratch the fasteners when removing or replacing them. A lower 5,000-pound towing capacity also somewhat hinders the Ridgeline’s versatility. (Even though it was a summer day) and the kid laughs and says "That's interesting, because my motor is behind me", I got to 'me' and immediately switched the voice in my head to some form of Scottish/Irish accent. Meanwhile, Chevy offers the ultra-rugged Colorado ZR2 Bison. While a harsh assessment, such a stance is reinforced by the report of a driver in Ohio being arrested for having a hidden compartment in his … I found a lot of conflicting information and diagrams from 1983-1992. But it's the only truck I've ever seen without them. The 2020 Toyota Tacoma is another good pick. /u/doug-demuro even missed it in his S2000 video! A lockable and hidden safe storage space is a must when travelling with cash, passports, travel documents or mobile devices. They get confused when they tell me to pop the trunk and there's and engine there too. While lane-keep assist nudges you back across the line, automatic high-beam control adjusts your lighting when approaching traffic. It transforms the 2WD-Ranger into a tougher pickup. However, the Ranger’s smooth operation proves modern pickup trucks have come a long way. My tie down has a spare key underneath. The 2020 Ford Ranger comes standard with a four-speaker audio system, which doesn’t sound too great. Passengers especially appreciate the Ranger’s well-padded seats. If you decide to choose a lower trim level, you’ll miss out on Ford’s SYNC 3 infotainment system. 2 years ago. The hatch interior panels are busted on the driver's side, making for a nice hidey-hole. Most of the Ranger’s competitors come standard with a larger touchscreen. Although the 2020 Ford Ranger may lack the sheer muscle for a full-size truck, it can still handle a decent workload. In many ways, this midsize pickup is more practical than the full-size Ford F-150. Press J to jump to the feed. However, adventure seekers will be interested in the Ranger’s all-new FX2 Off-Road package. If you would like to access your smartphone’s apps, you can do so via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. The rear-center ash tray in my A3 is removable for cleaning. In every car, the best hiding places involve removing panels or trim. Most Trims Provide Ford's Co-Pilot360 System. Ford Ranger T6 DC Wolf Pack Drawer Kit - by Front Runner, Ford Ranger T6 (2012-Current) Slimline II Roof Rack Kit - by Front Runner, Ford DC (2012-Current) Slimline II Roof Rack Kit - by Front Runner, Ford Ranger T6 DC Drawer Kit - by Front Runner, Lockable Storage Box Strap Down - by Front Runner, Ute Slimline II Load Bed Rack Kit / 1475(W) x 1358(L) - by Front Runner, Pro Stainless Steel Camp Table Kit - by Front Runner, Load Bed Cargo Slide / Medium - by Front Runner, Ute Slimline II Load Bed Rack Kit / 1425(W) x 1358(L) - by Front Runner. My friends mini has this, I never would've guessed. While the Ranger’s smoothness makes it a pleasure to drive on the street, you can also use it to venture off-road. You can also use this smartphone app to remotely start the Ranger and lock the doors. There is also an easily removable plastic panel with a bit of room inside it in the rear hatch area. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, '17 Silverado Z71, '96 XJ 2dr 5mt, '17 Giulia TI, Exige S | CTS-V wagon | S65 | JKUR | V70R, 2008 Pontiac Solstice GXP, 2011 Ford Ranger 4x4. If the full-size Ford F-150 is too big and expensive for your taste, strongly considering driving a new 2020 Ford Ranger off the lot. Apple Car and Android Auto are also extra on the Ranger.

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