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Check out our Cozy Air B & B. Antero Reservoir – Badger Basin (Low Flows), Spinney Mountain Reservoir – Dream Stream Tailwater, Eleven Mile Reservoir – Eleven Mile Canyon Tailwater, Cheeseman Reservoir – Cheeseman Tailwater Canyon and Deckers Tailwater Section, Strontia Springs Reservoir – Waterton Canyon Tailwater, Chatfield Reservoir – Denver South Platte or DSP, Colors: Black, White, Gray, Cream, Olive, Red, Brown, Blue, and Purple. While Green Lake lies submerged within the reservoir, an extinct volcano, Buffalo Peaks, looms above. Whether you're planning your trip, learning your insects, improving your fishing with expert tips or getting detailed resources from the USGS streamflows or DoW, we got you covered to help you find the river and find the success you want. Large resident fish stay here as well and are tough but rewarding to catch. You never know how finicky Antero will be until you step in.. 28* at 7:30 with a 10 mph north breeze made for a chilly start but conditions looked good as we both hooked up on the first throw.. Seen fish rolling on the surface and they were happy to take our #14 brown wollys and SP special. Antero Reservoir, the Land of the Giants, is located 50 miles south of Breckenridge. Let our friendly, experienced, hard working guides show you what Colorado Ice Fishing is all about! Since Antero is fairly shallow, weed growth can be an obstacle at times, but trophy fish are always there for the taking when you can find a clearing in the weeds! Fish are still a bit picky up here but if you find the right insect for the day, they are less spooky on exact patterns and sizes so overall it is an easier section to fish but the fish are smaller. Flows: 40-200 c.f.s. Reservoirs of the South Platte. Antero Reservoir is a shallow reservoir with healthy plant life and more scud shrimp than you can shake a hook at. Here's a couple pic which aren't the best. Take a scenic drive over Hoosier Pass and into South Park and escape the hustle and bustle of Summit County. Shallow average water depth allows sunlight to boost plant, and invertebrate life, which supply trout with food. Click on a fly below to select a size and color for purchase. Carefully approach the river and you’ll catch more fish, there are no trees or structure to hide behind so the fish get wary if you get too close to the water. Fish are gorgeous in this section and you can experience some excellent dry fly fishing during hatches. Sport Fish Colorado focuses on fishing for Kokanee Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Northern Pike, Walleye, Yellow Perch and Trophy Lake Trout on the open lake waters of Blue Mesa, Antero, Taryall, Taylor, and McPhee reservoirs and can also accomodate trips on Spinney, 11 Mile, Pueblo, Harvey, and Rifle Gap reservoirs via our partners Fish Head Outdoors and Apex Sport Fishing! As it enters several reservoirs downstream, it provides excellent tailwater fishing for some of the largest trout in the state. As it gets into Fairplay and below browns take over with some rainbows present as well. There is more river access, tailwaters and fish on this river than you could explore in a year. Antero is run by Denver Water and does not currently require any kind of a fee. Antero reservoir is only about twenty-five minutes west of Eleven Mile reservoir on highway 24. Vinnie I would like to see Miles SP special for sure. You can catch Rainbows, Browns, Cutthroat, Cutbows, Brook Trout, Tiger Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Common Carp and more in this river and the fish are all different sizes. FIND OUT MORE INFO! A fellow from Missouri who I didn’t know at all. We don’t have a magic wand to always make the fish bite, but we do combine a wealth of knowledge, experience, and hard work with state of the art tackle, fishing equipment, and safe quality boats to put you in a position where opportunity meets preparation and results in success! Extremely gracious, kind guide. I consider you the -- MASTER TYER -- with creative patterns that produce in SP and hold up for many eats.. Geologists believe the reservoir occupies the site of … These are the the top flies we sell for this river. I told him I have the answer already. - Irish proverb . Our passion is fishing and we want to share our love of this sport by showing you a first class Colorado Fishing Trip! ... "The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions of hope." The South and Middle Forks of the Platte are small to medium sized: South Fork flows on average 15-50 c.f.s. Can’t pick up a ton of detail though. Good day at Antero and caught 20 fish (17 to 24) all fish are released. Just a note to say Thank You for the trip. Sport Fish Colorado is operating under a special use permit on the Gunnison National Forest and is an equal opportunity service provider. The fishing is abundant so get out there. I showed him the photos of the snails. For groups larger than 4 add $75 per person! It’s important to preserve this river and let fish go so they can grow. You know it.. We strive to show you a first class experience so don’t waste money traveling out of state or trying to figure out it all out on your own in a weekend, book a guided fishing trip on your Colorado vacation today and let Sport Fish Colorado show you what Colorado fishing is all about! SP Special? Originally built in 1909, this earth-fill dam is believed to occupy the site of a former lakebed, probably no more than 300 years old. Heck I like to show my new creations. Sure would like to see a picture and recipe for a fly worthy of the name South Park Special! Need a place to stay in Gunnison this winter? #default-btn-7de414be281501d8c99910b3b7a6a355 * { Use these epic resources to get ready for your adventure. Colors: Olive, Green, Yellow, Tan, Orange, Brown and Black. Call Robby @ (719) 649-3378 or email Sorry, I didn’t have the blue damsels with me. Welcome to Sport Fish Colorado, your Colorado fishing guide and authority on fishing for a variety of species on multiple Colorado Lakes and Reservoirs throughout Central, Southern and Western Colorado! Thanks! I have another damsel nymph that worked well for your collection. This high-elevation reservoir (at about 9000 feet) is relatively shallow (18 feet or so) which, when combined with a lot of bug life, provides the perfect breeding ground for growing large Hey thanks again for the rocking fishing experience, I’m telling everybody in the Grand Valley…. You have to know when the insects are active on the water and when it's likely the trout are feeding on them. Keys to DIY Destination Fishing. Antero is derived from the Spanish word "first," as it was the first dam on the South Platte River near the river's origin and first in storage capacity (at the time of construction). Most intermediate anglers will find this section to be fun but will quickly want to find bigger fish and migrate to the tailwater sections where larger fish can be found.

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