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I am willing to credit Wolfgang Smith’s conclusion that quantum mechanics, as long as the real cause and significance of the collapse of the wave-function is grasped, largely demolishes Einstein’s theory of relativity, which has certainly been one of the major pillars of the destructive social relativism of the postmodern ethos. The original quantum theorists Werner Heisenberg and Niels Bohr, in their famous “Copenhagen Interpretation,” speculated that the act of human observation alone has the quasi-magical power to collapse the wave-function. If, according to Wolfgang Smith, it is contact with humanly-designed corporeal instruments that collapses the wave function, rather than the direct quasi-magical effect of human observation or consciousness, nonetheless the efficient cause of this contact, the thing that brings those corporeal instruments together with that material sub-stratum, is nothing other than human intelligence and intent. [19] What are your thoughts on this important discussion? It’s as if LSD can act to breach the natural barrier between Nous/Intellectus, associated with the ajña-chakra or “third eye”, and dianoia/ratio, associated with the vishuddha-chakra, thus flooding the lower rational mind with material from the higher Intellectual mind; the lower mind becomes overloaded with this higher material, now expressed on a lower level, and ends by counterfeiting the quality of the Nous/Intellectus and thus blocking access to it. Thus the deconstruction of a particular religion through various reactionary attempts to “purify” it, and its deconstruction at the hands of liberal ideologies that see all dogmas, no matter how venerable, as “divisive,” work hand in hand. 97-100; Stanley Krippner, “Music to Eat Mushrooms By” in Song of the Siren: A Parapsychological Odyssey (New York: Harper & Row, 1977), pp. Our post-Christian secular society obviously does not have the final end and eternal good of the human soul on its radar screen, nor does it hold a very clear idea of human dignity or the intrinsic value of the person; abortion, for example, is not even seen by many people as the taking of human life. Leaving aside my many more or less positive mescaline and peyote trips (though one was quite painful and rigorous—deliberately so), my two rather unpleasant experiences with psilocybin mushrooms, and my one extremely powerful trip on morning glory seeds (whose active ingredient is “organic acid”, lysergic acid amide), the settings for my three LSD trip were 1) the valley below Alpine Dam on Mt. If we see the painful events as coming from blind unconscious material forces, then we will become depressed, hopeless and fatalistic: “there’s nothing you can do, life is random and meaningless.” If we see such events as coming from other people, then we will become angry and combative. 138-142; Samuel Bendeck Sotillos, “Book Review: The Return of the Perennial Philosophy”, Sacred Web: A Journal of Tradition and Modernity, Vol. In any case, since this essay is not backed up by any true teaching mandate, but remains on the level of metaphysical speculation (a word derived from the Latin speculum, “mirror”), I invite my readers to offer any criticisms, admonitions or additions they feel might be appropriate and helpful. Looking back on these experiences, I can now truthfully report that the LSD provided a more intense spiritual state and a greater depth of insight than did the dhikr.” In making this judgment we assume of course that we are objectively comparing two experiences from a standpoint of detachment, that the scales we are using to weigh these experiences against each other are fundamentally sound. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If you do, then every lie in the universe, one by one, will do its best to come between you and that single love, thereby making itself vulnerable to exposure. Expansion or contraction can only be seen from, and measured against, some frame of reference that is “stationary” in relation to the object it is measuring. ), Tripping: An Anthology of True-Life Psychedelic Adventures (New York: Penguin Books, 2000). The use of powerful psychedelics may also produce in us a taste, or need, for deep spiritual experiences that we otherwise would never have sought out, and that may not really be proper to us, while at the same time preventing such experiences from translating us to the final station, where (in Sufi terminology) fana—spiritual annihilation—gives way to baqa—subsistence in God. 9, No. Prometheus stole fire from Zeus and the eagle ate his liver. Into something beyond all that is? QUESTION: What precisely is “the technological aspect” of the Fourth Political Practice? but: The following interview offers a unique look at psychedelics in the light of the perennial philosophy by way of perennialist theory and also personal accounts of the author. It is even speculated that Dante’s initiatory spiritual order, the Fedeli d’Amore or “Faithful to Love”, practiced a form of esoteric Aristotelianism whose goal was the conscious union of forma and materia, the attainment of substantial form, within the human microcosm itself.

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