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This attack is very similar to Ornstein's attack from Dark Souls. However, at 60 faith with the sunlight straight sword on NG, this will hammer him. Dragonslayer Ornstein, another relic of the Age of Gods, left the ruined cathedral Anor Londo he once guarded in search of the Nameless King.[5]. Lock onto his head and stay underneath and fire away. He may take flight sooner rather than later but at any time if you hear the audio cue (dragon scream) start to run away before he breathes his fire attack onto the ground. After a short while, smaller lightning bolts fire out from that location, traveling by the floor. The first phase consists of the Nameless King riding atop his stormdrake, the King of the Storm. This is one of the easiest bosses for sorcerers, since the dragon (phase 1) is highly vulnerable to magic damage, and the Nameless King itself (phase 2) not resistant to magic. The Nameless King will dismount and absorb the strength of his mount after it is defeated. His attacks will either be followed with large burst of wind, or lightning and he also possesses several attacks that can release ranged bolts on the player. He then proceeds to attack the player through either swipes and slams from his spear. This begins the second phase where his name changes to "Nameless King.". But he has not so great range, so dodging him and getting out of the melee-zone should be no problem here. This boss appears on Archdragon Peak, after ringing the large bell. If you hit the dragon's head, be prepared to immediately sprint, and then roll spam, because that makes him more prone to flying upward. If you don't see one of them in the background while you are back-walking, you know you are headed towards the narrow edge of the map and may need to run to the side to re-center and get him back to a shooting range. Made Phase one a walk in the park but phase 2, that's a different story all together. There are two buildings you need to keep an eye on. In reference to excerpt 9, it seems like that equipment doesn't offer a big buff, but how it works on paper, and how it works in-game is different because you get more hits before you are in the red-zone for being thwarted and killed. Yorksha's Chime will provide the best buff, while Canvas Talisman will also provide an excellent buff and the unfaltering prayer weapon art. Also before he stabs the sto drake, he glanced at you with anger, and then it goes to a bottom view of him standing the king of the storm.Has anyone else realised that? Damage bonus to the neck is somewhere between damage to the head and body. When he stabs, it can go right through your shield most of the time, so it is befitting to roll backward, out of range, diagonal, or to the side. Spell : Great Soul DregsStaff : Izalith Staff (main hand) + Scholar Candlestick (offhand)Rings : Belowing Dragon, Dragoncrest, Lyoid's, Dark ClutchThis is so far the EZ to beat KoS and NK.KoS only take 2 hit.NK only take 5-7 hit. Lightning bolts during flight and flames fired from his mount. The Kings drake will rise up and he will try to hit player from above, using his spear. Also, lighting protect ring and without great shield. The King creates a sunlight spear, and strikes it into the ground. Rinse and repeat until the stormdrake is dead, whereupon a cutscene will signal the start of the second phase. Can't be parried, but can be staggered and riposted for massive damage. He usually uses this attack 2-3 times in a row. Motoi Sakuraba - Nameless King (Full) (Dark Souls III Complete Original Soundtrack). Like all the wind attacks, they move too slow to roll backward, so this is not advised, and please keep note that if you roll near the King, he will very likely try to hit you with his spear, so be ready to dodge roll. The stormdrake itself will bite at you and attempt to roast you with its flames. During his travels on earth, Susanoo famously slew the dragon Yamata-no-Orochi, and is therefore often known as The Dragonslayer, and the weapon he crafted from the dragon's tail, Kusanagi, was a large sword capable of generating whirlwinds, much like the swordspear of the Nameless King (as well as the dragon tail weapons in the series). The Chloranthy Ring, at later levels (provided the melee build is done correctly by levelling Vigor, Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity almost exclusively) becomes redundant for the pace of the game, including this boss fight, so the player should ditch it, and pick up the big boy toys (Plus, wearing flowers is hideous and cheap looking). His weapon is the predeseccor to both the spear and sword and his armor bears resemblance to that of the First Lord. Deprived run. The AOE is about fifty feet maximum from the point of impact, and it can be avoided by combining sprinting, jumping, and then rolling out of the edge of the AOE. If you have a bleed effect, this becomes viable, because his stomp attack is not frequent, but the dragon will still try to blow flames on you. Can easily jump out of your camera view, a good strategy would be to increase camera sensitivity and do not lock on at all times. This boss uses physical, lightning, and fire abilities, making building an armor set against him difficult. Phase 2: Basically d… Several attacks are enough to stagger the mount long enough for a critical, or if one has sufficient int/faith. Use this to get extra damage in or to heal up if you need it. He doesn't regenerate health, so this way, the player can take advantage of that to take out his health. Circle him to keep him at a range you are able to lock on and shoot. NG+ Landing two fully charged heavy attacks to his head will stagger him and allow you to riposte him. The King slowly pulls out his weapon, creating a lightning strike on the player's location. Don't attack him when he repeats these sequence attacks, just dodge. Other weapons inferior. When the stormdrake dies, the Nameless King's hand shakes just before he stabs him. The story of The Nameless King is very similar to that of the Japanese Storm god Susanoo, the son of the head god Izanagi that was banished from Heaven after offending his sister, Amaterasu, Goddess of The Sun. Considering that this is endgame and assuming you have endgame stats and build (60 INT, Court Sorcerer's Staff +10, all the shiny sorcerer-rings, etc. Several of the Nameless King's abilities and armor pieces mirror Ornstein, Gwyn, and Artorias from Dark Souls I. Just watch your stamina. Watch the background. In the first phase, keep your lock on the King, and not his dragon, because he will be 90% of the opposition for his wider range of attacks, and frequency of attack. The best time to land fully charged heavy attacks is during the King of the Storm's grounded fire breath attack and right after the Nameless King's lightning slam attack after dodge rolling toward him. Embeds from FL channel only - please add your link below if you're a partner. Time. Kings slams his weapon into the ground, releasing a quick narrow shockwave. Freakin'. It is possible, given the extremely surreal circumstances through which the player summons him, that The Nameless King the player fights is not the real Firstborn Son of Gwyn but some kind of collective conception of him by the dreamers, an idealized version called to defend the dream from destruction. I noticed, it feels like the king of storms uses the fire breath a bit less as long as you stay in front of his head. During the second phase, use a max of two Estus for when the Nameless King is above about 30% health, because past that point, his arsenal of attacks widens up.

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