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), attributed to Luca Della Robbia, on the table, immediately to the right of the door. Luoghi di culto Chiesa di Santa Felicita Gattaia, Vicchio (FI). In 1844 the polyptych by Taddeo Gaddi depicting the Virgin Enthroned with Child and Saints (1354 ca.) Se prenoti con Tripadvisor, puoi cancellare fino a 24 ore prima del tour e ricevere un rimborso completo. Works:  Holy Trinity, by Carlo Portelli (1540). Marriage of Saint Catherine in the Presence of Saint Benedict, attributed to Bicci di Lorenzo (? In 1863 a small altar dedicated to the Madonna del Buon Consiglio, by an unknown artist was in this chapel. It was moved again and mounted in the wall of the sacristy above the small acquasantiera. 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In the 2nd century, Syrian Greek merchants settled in the area south of the Arno and are thought to have brought Christianity to the region. Secondo i viaggiatori di Tripadvisor, questi sono i modi migliori per scoprire Chiesa di Santa Felicita: I sapori di Firenze: Tour gastronomico privato con 10 assaggi (a partire da 84,14 USD) Il tour per bambini della famiglia Medici w Palazzo Vecchio e Palazzo Medici (a partire da 119,19 USD) Originally the chapel was frescoed with the City of Jerusalem that served as a background for the wooden Crucifix by Andrea Ferrucci da Fiesole (a work that can be traced back to 1495 ca.). Patrons: From 1365 – Canigiani family (the year of its foundation). Works: Marriage of the Virgin by Gasparo Martellini. the chapel was frescoed and on one wall was The Martyrdom of Saint Catherine of Alexandria (today detached and placed in the north corredor of the cloister). Secondo i viaggiatori di Tripadvisor, questi sono i modi migliori per scoprire Chiesa di Santa Felicita: Quali sono gli hotel vicino a Chiesa di Santa Felicita? Today it is in the cloister awaiting a new installation. Originally there was a statue of Saint Mary Magdalene, then there was a painting of Madonna and Saints, both by unknown artists. 4 but following the remodeling of the church in 1739, it was placed here. 7) Right Transept The Meeting of Joachim and St. Anne, attributed to Michele Tosini di Ridolfo del Ghirlandaio (b.1503-d.1577). Bust of the Redeemer in polychrome terracotta, attributed to Agnolo di Polo (b.1470-d.1526 ca. 15) Chapel dedicated from 1520 (?) . Noi usiamo i cookie per migliorare l'esperienza di navigazione per le operazioni essenziali sul sito. Works: Adoration of the Magi, Nicola Cianfanelli (1830 ca.). To find out more about the cookies we use and how to delete them, see our privacy policy. Today it is in the portico at the entrance to the church. 3) Chapel dedicated to St. Gregory the Great. Sixteenth century majolica floor ties at the sides of the altar. The fourth wall, the west side of the Room, with three arches that opened onto the cloister, remained open until 1615 when it was walled in thus creating a sort of closed pronaos. Santa Felicita and her Seven Sons, polyptych by Neri di Bicci (1464); Martyrdom of the Seven Maccabee Brothers, predellina below the polyptych by Neri di Bicci (1464), next to the lavamani, on the wall opposite the entrance. Today these works no longer exist. … Funerary monument of Barduccio Cherichini, originally was placed in this chapel. francese, 1994. Placed here after the ecclesiastical suppression of 1810. Today this Crucifix is on the opposite side of the church, in the chapel below the organ by Giovan Batista Contini. to the Maccabees. The remaining arches on the ground floor, instead, were walled up in the 19th cent. Madonna with Child, small arched painting, above the acquasantiera, to the left of the entrance, called the “Madonna Nerli”, because it is copied from a part of the Nerli altarpiece in Santo Spirito, a work by Filippino Lippi. | © Chiesa di Santa Felicita | Piazza Santa Felicita 3 - 50125 Firenze - Italy | Tel: +39 055 213018 | EMA |. Originally there was a painting of The Three Archangels and Tobiolo attributed to Domenico di Michelino (15th cent.). Altra splendida chiesa della città, anche questa Santa Felicità, si è dimostrata sorprendente. Madonna with Child, polychrome terracotta (1340 ca. Dall'esterno non dice nulla, ma dentro è davvero una bella sorpresa tra colonnati e l'architettura interna, oltre alle opere qui presenti. On the first floor, underlined by a row of dentels, a loggia, also Gothic, runs around the cloister, which in the course of the 1700s was closed by Ferdinando Ruggeri and readapted into areas that opened onto the cloister with large windows framed in pietra serena and interspersed with lobate windows. The sacristy has a painted crucifix (circa 1310) attributed to Pacino di Buonaguida. Between 1610 and 1622 the architect Cigoli transformed the apsidal area, as it is today. Annunciation, attributed to Niccolò Pietro Gerini (1390 ca. Only the 14th century Chapter House survives from the Romanesque with fragmentary frescoes (1387) by Niccolò di Pietro Gerini (Crucifixion and in the ceiling, roundels with the Redeemer and the Seven Virtues). It was in the Nerli Chapel of Santa Felicita and was painted in the early years of the 16th cent., perhaps by an artist working in the workshop of Filippino. L'edificio attuale risale al XVIII secolo, quando fu ricostruito da Ferdinando Ruggieri. The Resurrection by Antonio Tempesta (1620 ca.) Monument to Alessandro Barbadori, by Giovan Battista Calandra, (1641), was affixed to a pillar in this chapel in 1649. The altarpiece depicts, according to the iconographic reading by A. Natali, the Deposition from the Cross, above the altar; the Annunciation on the counter facade; three Evangelists (Mark, Luke, John) by Pontormo, and the fourth, Matthew, by his student Bronzino (1528) in the pendentives. Ediz. La chiesa di Santa Felicita è un luogo di culto cattolico di Firenze che si trova nel quartiere di Oltrarno, tra il Ponte Vecchio e palazzo Pitti, in piazza Santa Felicita, lungo via de' Guicciardini. In the church there are also the Martyrdom of the Maccabees (1863) by Antonio Ciseri in the 3rd chapel on the right, the Meeting of St. Anne and St. Joachim, attributed to Michele Tosini, at the end of the right transept, the Assumption of the Virgin with Saints (1677), attributed to Baldassare Franceschini, at the end of the left transept. ), in the apse. According to Chiara Piccinini it dates back to the 1340s. At present this painting is in the Palazzo Strozzi in the exhibition Bellezza Divina: tra Van Gogh e Fontana. In the 14th cent. The Chapter Room and pronaos were preserved, but around it other locales for other uses were created. polyptych by Taddeo Gaddi, over the bancone of the Sacristy. Ristoranti vicino a Chiesa di Santa Felicita: Chiesa di Santa Felicita: attività nelle vicinanze, È un posto romantico o un'attività che suggeriresti alle, È un posto da non perdere se viaggi con un, Consiglieresti il luogo o l'attività a un amico, I prezzi per questo posto o quest'attività sono, Questa attrazione è un ottimo luogo da visitare durante la, Porta al Prato-Leopolda Parco della musica. ), on the wall opposite the entrance. Works: Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, by Fabrizio Boschi 1617. The Parish Historic Archives contain all the documents. 14) Chapel dedicated to Saint Jerome and Beato Filippo Benizzi; since 1653 dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin, From the 17th cent. La chiesa di Santa Felicita a Firenze. Works: Martyrdom of the Maccabee Brothers by Antonio Ciseri (begun in 1853, and placed here in 1863). Da vedere. 6) Chapel dedicated to St. John the Baptist beheaded(below the organ by Onofrio Zefferini -1572 ca.). Works: By Jacopo Carucci, called Pontormo, datable between 1525 and 1528: the frescoes in the cupola that at one time depicted God the Father and the four Patriarchs are no longer visible. inglese direttamente nel tuo browser? Cigoli was responsible for the design of the chancel whose patrons were the Guicciardini family (and where the famous historian Francesco was buried in 1540). Santa Felicità (Church of St Felicity) is a Roman Catholic church in Florence, region of Tuscany, Italy, probably the oldest in the city after San Lorenzo. 5) Chapel dedicated first to the Most Holy Crucifix, and from the middle of the 19th cent.

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