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When 2 facilities with the same adjacency type are build adjacent to each other (either horizontal or vertical), they together provide the adjacency bonus in addition to their regular benefits. The Hangar houses the Skyranger troop transport, the soldiers that are selected for the current mission and the base's aircraft. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Excavations cannot be performed quickly, and do not have any maintenance once completed: There are a total of 24 sections available for facilities, not counting the Access Lifts. Allows a team of engineers to monitor the transmissions from 2 XCOM satellites, increasing the maximum amount of satellites in orbit by 2. You want a 2x3 block for 3 uplinks and 3 nexus, 2x2 block for 2 worshops, foundry and cyberlabs and 2x2 block for 2 labs, psilab and genelab. Those are: Power Relay, Guerilla Tactics School and Resistance Comms. Two sections contain steam vents (5 sections with Japan's Ring of Fire starting bonus). For example, players may want to construct the following list of facilities: These facilities together take up 20 sections, leaving 4 for Power generators, and require a total of 169 power. Long War 2 so I've been noticing people wondering whats the best build order or whats the best layout to build the avenger, and I've always thought that in LW2 there really is no optimal way to build it since there is no real adjacency bonus or any differences in terms of where things are built. Then simply tear down the Fission Generator and replace it with an Elerium Generator when you're ready to build the Gollop Chamber. You're better off focusing on ideal arrangements of critical structures (like satellite uplinks/nexuses) and figuring out how you're going to work those patterns into your structure. I tend to aim for a 2x2 of workshops instead of labs. From the Resistance Ring you can begin to track down the Chosen, counter their attempts at sabotage, and lay the groundwork to rescue captured XCOM operatives. The most efficient way of supporting this, is by building 3 Satellite Uplinks (3 maximum satellites) and 3 Satellite Nexuses (6 maximum satellites) in a 3x2 pattern for 7 adjacency bonuses (7 maximum satellites), which provides them with a total of 16 maximum satellites. It stuck around for a couple of months but I decided to scrap it to save a bit on monthly maintenance. The rest of the sections contain either an open space (excavated areas and natural caves) or solid ground. I added a third lab, psy lab, a satellite nexus, another workshop, and my cybernetic lab. With the top left quarter reserved for Satellite support and one of the bottom quarters reserved for Power generators, the remaining two quarters are available for Laboratories and Workshops. Almost every aspect of the original game is altered, creating a longer, more complex campaign that presents players with more strategic choices and customization options. When needed, facilities can be built more quickly than normal, by selecting the option when building the facility. A line of 3 facilities provides the adjacency bonus twice, a block of 2x2 facilities provides the adjacency bonus 4 times, and a block of 3x2 facilities provides the adjacency bonus 7 times. Excavating a section on the second level costs 20 Credits. Facilities can only be constructed on sections with an open space. If you do some “save scumming” (reloading saves) then you may manage on Veteran but I’d still recommend Beginner. You want a 2x3 block for 3 uplinks and 3 nexus, 2x2 block for 2 worshops, foundry and cyberlabs and 2x2 block for 2 labs, psilab and genelab. Alternatively, if players are reserving the bottom left quarter for Power generators, they could reserve vertical lines for their Laboratories and Workshops. Sat block depends on desired coverage. A section that contains solid ground can be excavated, so that it becomes an open space. The Situation Room provides a global view of the funding countries, complete with panic levels, defense shields and satellite coverage. Also adjacent power facilities. The order in which you must construct the facilities on the Avenger is mainly optional (as every player likes a different approach to the game), but there are a number of facilities that you should construct as quickly as possible. The removal means I still have 17 power left over for the hyperwave relay (which takes 15). Although in Long War you won't need as many Satellites as you did in Vanilla, this will allow for the full deployment of all 16 Satellites should you wish to go for multiple continent bonuses. Thermo Generators can only be built in these 2 sections, though you can also build any other facility in these sections, with the exception of the Access Lift. XCOM Base Planner for Long War Beta 13+ Let me know if this contains any mistakes or if you want to improve the code. This page was last edited on 18 July 2020, at 16:29. Covert actions can be executed from this ring -- and these actions come with many possible rewards and outcomes. You might not always be able to get both the workshop and the lab block. It's just not worth the upkeep until then. The headquarters in Long War are mostly the same as in vanilla, with pretty much every facility performing the same or a similar function as in vanilla. The last step will be to build an elerium generator in the available space. The middle section of each level is reserved for an Access Lift, leaving the remaining 24 sections available for the various other facilities. I got lucky and had 2 steam vents on the right side of the access lift, so I've got a pair of thermo gens and haven't needed elerium. The Access Lifts must be connected, so the first Access Lift a player builds must be at the second level, the second Access Lift on the third level and the third Access Lift on the final level. Also, nice layout with those 2 steam vents right next to each other. The XCOM organization in XCOM 2 takes a decidedly different approach to dealing with the alien menace than it does in XCOM: Enemy Within.Instead of bunkering down in an underground base, the scrappy alien fighters stay safe from gray-skinned baddies by taking to the skies in a badass mobile base … The above base is designed to work like the popular defendable base layout, but also provides a second access point into the hangars. Steam vents are generally found at the bottom half of the base, which may take a while to expand to. Considering the fact that a lot of the layout is dependent on where the steam vents are (and how many you have), figuring out a single ideal layout is probably pointless. I spent my efforts building up my air game and getting sat coverage on NA, SA, and 3 of my 4 asian nations. Most facilities have an adjacency type. 3 uplinks and 2 nexus in this structure will allow me to cover NA, SA, Africa, and my 3/4 of Asia while still allowing one free satellite to raid alien bases in Europe. Any arrangement of 4 Elerium Generators (140 power) will supply the needed power without the need for adjacency bonuses. Reduces item cost by 10% and gives a 10% refund on materials. But to make it work I needed to remove one of my labs. Replace fission generators (mostly) with Elerium. Thus, it may be ideal to 'reserve' two spots in the Lab quadrant for the Chamber and Hyperwave, as these are likely to be the last two facilities you will build, their spots can be taken up by two additional Labs in the meantime: you'll want the boost to research to complete as many projects as you can before preparing for the final act of the war anyways. Obviously it depends also on where your steam ends up to be, but some tips would be appreciated. 1 or 2 labs is helpful in the early game, but eventually you end up with so many scientists that research speed doesn't matter that much. Although this means you have to spread your soldiers out to cover both points, so do the aliens. After that it depends on what you want next and how much resources you have. One fission gen and which supported a second uplink and a lab located on the right side of the lift along with the generator. The base building and customization in XCOM 2 is one of the games most exciting features. Since there are only 24 sections available, it helps to calculate beforehand how many Power generators players require. Second, you want a lab early (month 1), eventually developed into a 2x2 (now that psi labs count for adjacency). Eventually you'll want a 2x2, possibly a 2x3. Could also need general advice like what you should focus in research apart from beam weapons/xeno biology, but this has been asked so often here you wont have to answer that if you feel it doesnt contain anything that hasnt been said enough in the past already. First, don't bother building a shop until around month three. The Resistance Ring is a new structure added with War of the Chosen. Players should not hesitate to build Fission Generators at the top of the base during the early months, to provide enough supply for their early buildings, and then tear these down once there are enough Thermo Generators and Elerium Generators in place, as Fission Generators are very inefficient once players are getting tight for space.

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